The incomparable beauty of the Douro deserves to be shared, explored, experienced and appreciated. These are the characteristics which are at the heart of the founding of DouroAzul, a leading Douro river cruise company in Portugal.


Although DouroAzul’s history is recent, it has grown exponentially and the assertion of a state-of-the-art, visionary approach has raised the company to a prominent position in the Douro region.



DouroAzul is a byword for quality, competence and personality. And it perfectly blends the beauty and strength of the Douro Valley with the elegance of river cruises. Since the outset it has taken on the mission of providing the means by land, water and air capable of making the Douro Valley experience a trip of unrivalled beauty; DouroAzul is in ongoing evolution.


To tell DouroAzul’s story we need to go back to 1993 when the company Ferreira & Rayford Turismo, Lda was formed and the boat Vista Douro was acquired. Three years later in 1996, the DouroAzul brand was acquired and with it came the daily boat (Princesa do Douro) and the first hotel-ship (AltoDouro). These two vessels paved the way for a vast fleet of vessels. After the launch of the hotel-ship Invicta (1999), the Rabelo boat replica, Cenários do Douro (2000), the yacht Enigma (2001), the Milénio do Douro (2002), the ship hotels Douro Queen and Douro Cruiser (2004), in 2011 DouroAzul publicly presented the DouroSpirit; a hotel-ship built from scratch to navigate on the Douro, involving a commitment to technological innovation, spa and gym, amongst other conveniences, whereby a commitment is assumed with the environment with a reduction in consumption and the implementation of socially responsible practices, paving the way for a new way of navigating on the Douro, in other words, with luxury, glamour and supreme elegance.


However, DouroAzul is continuing, and wishes to continue, to grow, and it has already been announced that by 2013 it will be launching a further two luxury hotel-ships on the River Douro, thereby raising the company to an ever more demanding level of prominence, but concurrently consolidating its leadership.


DouroAzul is constantly seeking out new challenges, new ways of providing its customers with an unforgettable, high-quality experience and product.



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