Barcos Hotel


P: Is it allowed to smoke on the ship?

R: No. The only area where it is allowed to smoke is on the Sun Deck of the ship.


P: Are pets allowed aboard?

R: No. Only guide dogs are allowed.


P: Do ships have swimming pool and lift?

R: Only the DouroQueen and DouroCruiser ships.


P: Do cabins have private bathroom?

R: Yes, all of them.


P: Do bathrooms have hair driers?

R: Yes, in the DouroQueen and DouroCruiser. In the AltoDouro and Invicta ships they are available at the reception desk.


P: Are there triple rooms or extra beds?

R: Cabins are all double without possibility of placing an extra bed.


P: Are drinks included on the price?

R: No.


P: Are there cabins with double beds?

R: Yes, just some cabins on the DouroQueen and DouroCruiser ships.


P: What is the check-in and check-out schedule?

R: Check-in may be done after 4 pm onwards, and check-out is done until 9:30 am.


P: Are there safes in the cabins?

R: Yes, on the DouroQueen and DouroCruiser. In the AltoDouro and Invicta ships safe is available at the reception.


P: What is the voltage aboard?

R: 220 V.


P: Is there internet connection aboard?

R: Yes, it is available in a wireless system and you can use for periods of 1 or 2 hours, according to the vouchers you purchase.







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