General Conditions


The organization of the programs included in this brochure is carried out by DouroAzul Sociedade Marítimo Turística S.A., with main offices in the Lugar da Rede, Parish of Santa Cristina, Municipality of Mesão Frio and a share capital of €3.967.518,00. Taxpayer identification number 503 416 436; registered in the C.R.C of Mesão Frio, under the number 78 and with offices in Rua de São Francisco nº. 4, 4050-548 Porto.



The information included in this website is valid until 31/12/2019.



The competent court of jurisdiction is the Court of Oporto, disclaiming any other.



Cancellation, delay, or change the navigation routes.

DouroAzul, S. A. reserves the right to cancel, postpone or change the itinerary of any trip for any reason, namely due to charter of ship, insufficient number of reservations, weather conditions, mechanical problems, medical emergency, strike or suspension of work on the local, local holidays and other reasons, without obligation to compensate the client.



Prices may be changed if the conditions are justified, namely by unexpected rise of government charges, taxes or fuel surcharges, as well as the change of any external costs beyond the control of DouroAzul, S. A. Not all cabin types of all ships may be available by the prices shown for all cruises if bought in advance. Prices include VAT. Child policy: on request.


Contracted services

On board masseur, local guides, ashore meals, some transport services providers and of other necessary services are contracted to third parties and are not DouroAzul, S. A. employees. Thus, in providing these services, the DouroAzul, S. A. acts only as a sales agent and it is not responsible for any complaints against those entities that may result from actions on its behalf.


Complains and Refunds

Complaint and refund requests will only be considered when submitted in writing by the complainant to DouroAzul, S. A. within 5 days after the end of the service. All legal claims will be solved in the Porto’s Court Jurisdiction.


Reservations and Cancellations

Reservations will only be considered valid only after receiving 20% of the total price of the cruise. Reservations should be directly made with DouroAzul, S. A. or through one of its distribution companies, travel agents, wholesalers or recognized travel operators.

Changes to reservations after the initial appointment will be charged for an amount up to €25 per change, including but not limited to changes in name, address, travel and departure date, category, and other changes not specified here.

DouroAzul, S. A. reserves the right to change the cabin category on board for a higher or lower level, if necessary. In the case of change to a lower category level, the full amount of the difference between the category reserved and the category of the cabin that was in fact occupied will be refunded.

20% of the cruise total price must be paid when booking it. Payment may be made by credit card, wire transfer, check or cash. After booking, the following costs will be applied in case of cancellation of the reservation:

- 20% of initial deposit not reimbursable;

- cancellations before 15 days before departure: 75% of the reservation;

- cancellations with less than 14 days to the departure: 100% of the reservation;

All cancellation costs are subject to additional charges incurred by DouroAzul, S. A. with transport, hotel accommodation, meals and drinks, contracted services and other non-refundable charges related to the reservation made by the passenger. These additional costs will be charged to the passenger, in addition to the normal cancellation charges.



All children under 18 years old must be accompanied on the departure day by a parent or a responsible adult over 18 years old. DouroAzul, S. A. does not guarantee the availability of cribs or beds for children, restaurant chairs, safeguard bus seats, or other children equipment. DouroAzul, S. A. does not provide babysitting services nor has activities or programs for children. It will not be allowed the participation of children under 6 years old on bus tours, except if they have an approved safety seat (not provided by DouroAzul SA).


On board Swimming pool / Jacuzzi

The ship's captain and director reserve the right to set the timetable as they deem appropriated for the ship’s pool and Jacuzzi as far as safety terms are concerned and according to weather conditions, ship’s location and other constraints.

The following rules regarding the use of the pool and Jacuzzi on board should be observed: passengers who are under influence of alcohol are prohibited to use it; it can only be attended by people wearing appropriate bath clothing; the ship’s management reserves the right to limit or prohibit its usage by any passenger they consider to be a threat to the ship, to its passengers or to himself.

The following age restrictions on the use of the pool and Jacuzzi on board are applied: passengers under 15 years of age must be supervised by a parent or responsible adult at all times; passengers under 10 years old may not use the pool or Jacuzzi on board unless they are accompanied inside by a parent or a responsible adult; passengers under 5 years of age may not use the Jacuzzi on board.


Dressing code

Clothing guidelines ranges from the beach casual (shorts, t-shirt, polo, beach wear, etc.) and casual country club (trousers, dress / pants and jacket, blazer and tie as optional, sleeve long shirt, skirt, etc.). At night no formal dressing code is required. Men may choose to wear a suit and ladies may choose to wear a cocktail dress for the Captain’s welcome cocktail or the farewell reception, or for any evening events ashore.

For the welfare and respect for all guests, no shorts are allowed in the dining room at night, not being allowed the entrance to people in bathing-suit in the dining room at any time. It is not allowed the presence of people in wet bathing suits in any inside public areas, except if the passenger is going to/ from his/her cabin to the pool area. Nudism or topless are not allowed in any area of the ship.



Currency aboard is the Euro. Passengers may pay the on board bills with their country’s credit card and the amount will be automatically converted to the corresponding currency. There are many ATM machines in several places ashore that accept all bank cards belonging to the usual bank networks (Cirrus, Star, etc.) and that supply the euro currency.


Customs and Immigration

Passengers are responsible for obtaining all the necessary immigration documents to enter Portugal and visit Spain before leaving their homeland. The impossibility of entering Portugal due to incorrect immigration documentation may result in cancellation of the cruise as No Show, whereby there won’t be any refund. Passengers are individually responsible for the fulfillment of international customs regulation when leaving Portugal and entering their home countries. DouroAzul S.A. is not responsible for any Custom duties concerning any products that have been offered or purchased, including but not limited to wine and alcoholic drinks, during the cruise.


Taxes and Government Duties

The cruises price includes all duties and government taxes applicable only as far as the cruise is concerned. Airport taxes and fees, departure taxes, immigration taxes and other travelling taxes are of the responsibility of each passenger and may vary according to the route of the trip and origin and destination countries. Any doubts should be clarified before departure with your travel agent.


Valuable objects

No safes are available on board. Passengers are responsible for the safety and protection of their value objects.


Health and Doctor’s Assistance

DouroAzul, S. A. ships do not have doctors, dentists or medical facilities aboard. Any medical emergency situation will be handled in the local medical facilities. Though Portugal and Spain are modern countries with quality medical facilities, DouroAzul, S.A. cannot be liable for the services rendered at those units.

DouroAzul, S.A. does not make available crew members to transport passengers in wheelchairs; therefore passengers travelling with wheelchairs should travel with a companion able to help them. Some of our ships are equipped with lifts and chair-lift that allow passenger with limited mobility to have access to all passenger decks. Other DouroAzul ships have chairs and access to some areas of the ship might be of difficult or impossible access for passengers of limited mobility.

Cabins do not have fridge and DouroAzul, S. A. does not supply means for medicines cooling. Ashore tours imply different types of physical effort that may be described in detail on board by tour escorts; failure of a passengers to fully enjoy ashore tours due to his/her disability to participate in all parts of the tours won’t be cause to refund any percentage of the tour.


Internet Wireless connection

All of DouroAzul’s ships have wireless internet connection. The connection bandwidth and the coverage area of the ship are limited but sufficient for a ordinary internet use. The individual use might be limited in order to allow more passengers to access the internet. The ships receptionists will help passengers to use in the best way the Wi-Fi capacities of the ship. An additional tax may be charged on board for the use of Wi-Fi.


Laundry services (except Spirit of Chartwell)

Ships do not have self-service laundry machines. Ships have available a personal clothing laundry service against additional payment. The scope of the service varies from ship to ship and can be explained in detail on board.



It is possible to send national and international mail on board against nominal payment. For more information please contact the reception desk.


Scope of Responsibility

DouroAzul, S. A. operates river and coastal cruises and is responsible for all operations, except the ones contracted to third parties rendering services as above mentioned, since the check-in until the check-out of passengers. DouroAzul, S. A. is only responsible for the airport/ship/airport transfer if the service has been purchased to DouroAzul S.A. by the passengers or by the company organizing the trip. DouroAzul, S. A. is not responsible for the performance of airlines, hotels and tour companies prior and after the cruises, ashore guides, tour packages suppliers or any other elements of holiday experiences of a passenger beyond the part concerning the cruise.



No pets are allowed on DouroAzul, S. A. ships. Guide dogs and other animal for personal support will be authorized and will be subject to special coordination at the time of the reservation.


Ashore tours

Each DouroAzul, S. A. ship has a professional tour escorts available to help passengers choose and participate in ashore tours. Ashore tours may be purchased on board. There are enough places for all passengers in all tours and all requests will be answered as long as they are submitted before the tour departure day. Ashore tours might be changed depending of the road conditions, traffic jam, national holidays and also weather conditions. When meals are included in a tour, the price includes wine and water. Every evening a briefing concerning the next tour will take place on board. Tours that are cancelled or modified by DouroAzul, S. A. will be refunded by the value that corresponds to the part which has not been performed or that has been replaced. Tours cancelled by passengers less than 48 hours prior to the departure won’t be refunded.


Smoking Policy

Smoking is not allowed in any of the areas inside the ships. It is only allowed to smoke cigars and cigarettes on the sun deck. Smoking pipes are not allowed on any of the ships including the sun deck. Any passenger who is found smoking inside the ship will disembark without refund of the price paid for the cruise.



Visits will only be allowed on board if they have been previously agreed with our office, approved by the ship’s captain and if the visitor is identified by an official document when arriving. Visitors might have dinner on board will pay the price set for on board meals that do not include drinks and will be subject to seat availability.



All the DouroAzul, S. A. ships fully fulfill the requirements concerning the insurance required by the Portuguese law for the type of ship and service provided.